January 18, 2009

london demo 17 january 09 – photos

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all pics here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/34264483@N03/

The diversity of the crowd was amazing – yet again. 

There’s another demo next weekend.  If you can make it please do.  We have to keep the pressure up.  The ceasefire is just the beginning of the next phase.  

We have to take advantage of this and push for accountability for Israel and more freedom for Gaza.  The blockade must be lifted and the siege ended.

This is not over by any stretch of the imagination.


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  1. Dolan Delve said,

    Israel must answer for this outrage, and the media has to stop calling ‘everyone else the terrorists’ America has responsibility in this with its blind support of Israel, and supply of arms, why is this allowed and Gaza blockaded?

    I believe the world needs to look to the history of this conflict, then they will realise the terrible injustice to the Palestinians that we have all allowed to happen. UN have enough evidence to charge Israel simply from the use of heavy artillery in civilian area, especially when they had ensured no escape for the people.

    Israel’s action has left a stain on the soul of the world because even now ‘Our’ Politicians stand with them.. PM Brown talks about using the British Navy to prevent Arm smuggling into Gaza, but there was no call for America or any other Nation to stop selling weapons to Israel. If it was not so tragic I could laugh. Unfortunately the worst aspect of this is that Palestinians must believe the world does not value their children as much as the wounded ire of Israel.
    Time for some human decency and a demand for the plight of the Palestinian People to be recognised and addressed. D Delve, Cardiff UK

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