May 15, 2009

PSC Weekly Update – Thursday 14 May 2009

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1. Demonstrate this Saturday 16 May

2. Birmingham education conference 11 July

3. PSC BDS Workshop 20 June



1. Protests as Lieberman visits London

2. Lieberman’s party proposes to imprison anyone commemorating the Nakba

3. Pope calls for end to Israel’s siege on Gaza and for Palestinian ‘sovereign homeland’

4. Gaza – dialysis supplies running out, families on one meal a day

5. Amira Hass banned from reporting the truth from Gaza…

6. but criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza continues

7. Twenty Israeli organisations call for Norwegian disinvestment

8. Arab railway workers in Israel have scored a first victory

9. New book on Israel’s attempt to assassinate Khalid Mishal





1. Demonstrate this Saturday 16 May

Join UK Apache, Mecca2Medina and Lowkey and thousands of others to call for an end to the siege on Gaza NOW! Free Palestine – end Israeli occupation

 Send a clear message to the government – we have not forgotten Gaza!

 David Miliband met with racist Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman this week – but refuses to meet with the democratically elected Palestinian representatives. On the 61st anniversary of the Nakba, tell the government to act NOW to implement international law, end the inhuman siege on Gaza and end Israel’s illegal occupation.

 Please continue to publicise the demonstration on Saturday to everyone you know – transport details from outside London are on the website.

We will be assembling at 12 noon in Malet Street (nearest tubes Euston, Goodge Street or Russell Square) and marching to a rally in Trafalgar Square.

 2. Birmingham education conference 11 July (NOT June!)

Ilan Pappe, Karma Nabulsi, Daniel Machover, Samia Botmeh, Victoria Brittain, Dr. Rita Giacaman, Professor Manuel Hassassian are among the speakers at PSC’s education conference in Birmingham on 11 July (NOT June, as was wrongly advertised in our members’ newsletter). The conference will take place from 10.30am-4pm at Carrs Lane Centre – for further details and to register, go to

 3. PSC BDS Workshop 20 June

PSC’s third Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions workshop will take place on Saturday 20 June 2009 in central London from 11am-5pm. It is for PSC members eager to fuel the boycott campaigning momentum at this crucial time – in the wake of Gaza and when BDS actions are making major impact around the world and when the call for BDS from Palestine grows ever stronger. Details of venue will be announced shortly.

 For other events, including the PSC branch forum on 30 May, and the sponsored walk from 4-5 July in Dartmoor, visit


 1. Protests as Lieberman visits London

Openly racist Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited London this week on his European tour and was met with lively and angry protests. Despite the secretive details of his visit, we were able to find out that he had a meeting in the Foreign Office on the morning of 13 May, and at very short notice, over 200 people gathered, joined by MPs Richard Burden, Jeremy Corbyn, Martin Linton and Baroness Jenny Tonge, in a protest by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, British Muslim Initiative, Stop the War Coalition and the Palestinian Forum in Britain. Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East lent their active support.

Avigdor Lieberman met with both Foreign Minister David Miliband and Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague. A lively and vocal protest publicised by Jews for Justice for Palestinians outside Lieberman’s meeting hosted by the Jewish National Fund on the evening of 12 May.

2. Marking 61 years since the Nakba

‘Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s party wants to ban Israeli Arabs from marking the anniversary of what they term “the Catastrophe” or Nakba, when in 1948 some 700,000 Arabs lost their homes in the war that led to the establishment of the state of Israel. The ultranationalist Yisrael Beitenu party said it would propose legislation next week for a ban on the practice and a jail term of up to three years for violators.’

Palestine Monitor writes on the Nakba:

‘For 61 years, the Palestinian people have had to deal with a life most westerners cannot even imagine. Being driven out of their homes, villages, and cities. Millions of Palestinians having to leave their land completely in the Diaspora. The continuing theft of their land because of the separation wall and the illegal Israeli settlements that are still expanding in the West Bank. Arbitrary beatings, arrests, and torture by Israeli soldiers. Targeted killings, or murders, by the Israeli military leading to walls being filled with posters of martyrs—some of them teenagers or younger. Hundreds of checkpoints and road barriers making travel inside the West Bank humiliating and long. And so much more…’

 3. Pope calls for end to Israel’s siege on Gaza and for Palestinian ‘sovereign homeland’

On his visit this week, ‘the pope made his strongest call yet for a “sovereign Palestinian homeland”. He said mass in Bethlehem’s Manger Square and offered his “solidarity” to the Palestinians of Gaza, telling them he wanted to see the Israeli blockade of the coastal strip lifted.’

And speaking in Aida refugee camp, standing against the backdrop of the Apartheid Wall, he said: ‘I know how much you have suffered and continue to suffer as a result of the turmoil that has afflicted this land for decades.’

And Israel tried to hide the reality of its occupation: ‘An official Palestinian Media Centre was set up at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem; however on Monday Israeli police and intelligence forces shut the centre down…

In his welcoming speech to Pope Benedict XVI on Monday, President Shimon Peres declared that “Israel safeguards the absolute freedom of religious practice and free access to holy places. We are always happy to receive pilgrims from throughout the world in the Holy Land”. However for Palestinian Christians living under occupation Israeli-issued permits must be obtained to visit their holy shrines in Jerusalem and Nazareth. Many Palestinian Christians living in the West Bank were refused permits to attend yesterday’s Mass lead by the Pope at the Garden of Gethsemane.

Israel granted 93 permits to Gazan Christians to attend the Mass, but refused permits to more than 400. Israel cited security reasons for refusing permits to all Gazans below the age of 35. Further, Israel controls access to Bethlehem and it is very difficult for Christians outside the West Bank to obtain visas to visit or to study there. Even Palestinians within the West Bank have to pass through checkpoints to go there. Father Hijazin, a Jordanian, was illegal in the West Bank for some time as the Israeli authorities refused to grant him a visa.

4. Gaza – dialysis supplies running out, families on one meal a day

With only three days’ supplies of dialysis solutions left, the Palestinian health ministry said that ‘more than 600 Palestinians are treated for kidney failure and have weekly dialysis sessions including 200 children.’ It ‘previously reduced the dialysis sessions for each patient from three to twice weekly’.

And Gaza families are ‘down to one meal a day’: ‘Umm Abdullah cannot remember the last time she was able to feed meat to her eight children. She does know that for the past week the single meal she cooked for them each day consisted only of lentils. And that on one day, she had received aid coupons from the United Nations, which she subsequently sold to buy tomatoes and eggplant at the local market.’

With construction materials banned by Israel, Gaza’s government is looking at ‘plans to kick off a state home building project that encourages locals to rebuild out of clay bricks’

5. Amira Hass banned from reporting the truth from Gaza…

On 12 May, Israeli police detained Haaretz  correspondent, Amira Hass, as she left the Gaza Strip. Haaretz reported that Hass was released on bail after promising not to return to Gaza for 30 days.

Her latest article in Haaretz – ‘Israel knows that peace doesn’t pay’, focuses on the advantages Israel gains by maintaining the occupation: ‘Successive Israeli governments since 1993 certainly must have known what they were doing, being in no hurry to make peace with the Palestinians. As representatives of Israeli society, these governments understood that peace would involve serious damage to national interests.’

6. But criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza continues

Gideon Levy also wrote in Haaretz: ‘The Israel Defense Forces returned from Operation Cast Lead and, of course, denied everything. The people applauded it for its bogus victory and no one paid much attention to the awful price paid by the Palestinians.

But after the smoke (in this case, white phosphorus) cleared a bit, the blood began crying out from the ground. Foreign journalists and human rights groups investigated and reported their findings. The United Nations said the IDF intentionally targeted its facilities, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accused the army of illegally using phosphorous bombs, the International Red Cross reported on the injured being denied medical attention and strikes on medical crews, officers at a premilitary course spoke of civilians killed, and Amira Hass wrote for Haaretz about the killing of people flying white flags, the use of flechette shells and the annihilation of entire families…’

‘But let’s assume Amnesty is lying, Human Rights Watch is fabricating, B’Tselem is embellishing, the UN is anti-Israel and the media is full of hatred against us – isn’t there enough in the IDF’s own figures to shake us to the core? Three hundred civilians killed, including 90 children – isn’t that enough to expose the propagandistic lie of “the most moral” army? How many innocent people must be killed for that to happen?’

7. Twenty Israeli organisations call for Norwegian disinvestment

 A wide alliance of Israeli civil society and grassroots organizations has sent a letter to the Norwegian Pension Fund, urging it to support their efforts for a just peace and equality in Israel/Palestine by divesting from all companies involved in the Israeli occupation.

8. Arab railway workers in Israel have scored a first victory: Israel Railways forced to act!

The Israeli labour court ordered Israel Railways to review its new policy requiring army service as an employment condition in consultation with Israel’s Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. On May 6, 2009, Israel Railways submitted a new policy proposal to the court. However, no action will be taken while the lawsuits are pending as the court has ordered a temporary injunction. The date for the next hearing is still to be determined. <;catid=46>

9. New book on Israel’s attempt to assassinate Khalid Mishal

Review of Paul McGeough’s book on Mossad’s attempted assassination of Khalid Mishal: In early September 1997, Danny Yatom, the head of Mossad, arranged a special screening for Binyamin Netanyahu, who was then prime minister. The film, shot on the streets of Tel Aviv, presented the plan for the assassination of Khalid Mishal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau in Amman.


 The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) aims to raise public awareness about the occupation of Palestine and the struggle of the Palestinian people. PSC seek to bring pressure on both the British and Israeli government to bring their policies in line with international law. PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from communities across the UK. Join PSC today!

 Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Tel:   020 7700 6192
Fax:  020 7609 7779




May 6, 2009

PSC Update 30 April 09

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PSC Weekly Update ­ Thursday 30 April


  • Stop Veolia running the London Cycle Hire scheme!
  • Book your place now on coaches to 16 May demonstration Gaza
  • 100 ­ run for Gaza!


  • Gaza depends on tunnels for food, fuel, medicines
  • Watch Seven Jewish Children online
  • Israel’s secret plan for West Bank expansion
  • Israel continues using Palestinians as human shields
  • Israel’s imprisons more Palestinian children
  • Visiting Daddy in Prison: A Palestinian Ordeal Israel harasses peace activists


1. Exclude Veolia from the London Cycle Hire Scheme! Transport for London (TfL) is in the process of selecting a contractor to build and operate a public cycle hire scheme similar to the one in Paris. The contractor is anticipated to be selected by June this year and the scheme will start operating in May 2010. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is Chair of Transport For London.

The French multinational Veolia recently set up a subsidiary called Veloway to run cycle hire schemes and is highly likely to have bid for such a lucrative and prestigious contract.

Whether you live in London or not, please write or email a letter to the Mayor ( asking for Veolia and all its subsidiaries, including Veloway, to be excluded from this contract on the grounds of grave misconduct, namely aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes.

Veolia is involved in building and operating a tramway linking Israel with its illegal settlements in East Jerusalem, binding these settlements more firmly to Israel, and so helping to perpetuate war crimes.  gives a description of the cycle hire scheme.

A suggested letter is on our website:

London is the capital and we all have an interest in its transport system. This will be a high profile scheme and a great opportunity to put more pressure on Veolia to pull out of the Jerusalem project and show Israel that it can no longer break international law with impunity.

If you live in London, please also write to your Assembly Member, asking them to oppose this and raise their opposition with Boris Johnson. For details of your Assembly Member:

2. Book your place now on coaches to 16 May demonstration Details of coaches are now coming into the PSC office ­ and are available on our website.

More details are being added daily ­ and if there isn’t a coach leaving near you, why not talk to other local supporters, friends and family and organise one yourselves!

The demonstration will be assembling at 12 noon in Malet Street, London WC1 and marching to Trafalgar Square for a rally.

Make sure you are there! On the anniversary of the Nakba, we must send a clear and strong message to the British government, and a message of solidarity to Palestinians: Remember Gaza ­ End the siege now!

Free Palestine ­ End Israeli occupation! End the arms trade! With only two weeks to go, please make sure that everyone you know is coming along ­ for more leaflets, stickers and posters, just contact us on 020 7700 6192 or

3. Gaza 100 ­ run for Gaza! Most People Running 100 Metres in a 12 hour Relay Guinness Book of Records Official Title Saturday 23 May and Sunday 24 May 2009 ­ from 12 noon to 12 noon, Mile End Stadium, London. IF, supported by Palestine Solidarity Campaign and many other organisations, is calling for participants to take part in one of two spectacular record breaking attempts on May 23rd 2009 ­ running 100 metre relays.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible for the children of Gaza. All monies generated from this World Record Run will be given as humanitarian aid to Save the Children’s Gaza Appeal.

Celebrities that have already agreed to participate in the run, include Tre Azam, and Ghazal Asif from BBC1’s hit show, the Apprentice, comedian Jeff Mirza, boxer Anthony Small and Baroness Pola Uddin.

For more details and to sign up:



4. Gaza depends on tunnels for food, fuel, medicines:

The tunnels that provide Gaza with food, fuel, medicine and other consumer goods may have become even more crucial as an economic lifeline, the World Food Programme (WFP) says.

5. Watch Seven Jewish Children online Watch Jennie Stoller perform Caryl Churchill’s play, Seven Jewish Children, which was written in response to the situation in Gaza in January this year, thanks to the Guardian who have put it online:

6. Israel continues using Palestinians as human shields The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has released an important update to its July 2008 report on the IOF practise of hiding behind Palestinian human shields.

The use of civilian human shields is customary Israeli practice in gross violation of international law, in which the practice is a war crime and crime against humanity, as well as a violation of Israel’s own High Court ruling of 2005, which itself came after a three-year legal battle. The pretence extends then to the illusion of Israeli rule of its own law.

The Al Mezan report also takes the international community to task for its “continued failure … to fulfil its obligations and its silence on Israeli violations [which] encourages Israel to proceed with its crimes.”

7. Israel’s secret plan for West Bank expansion Israel has taken a step towards expanding the largest settlement in the West Bank, a move Palestinians warn will leave their future state unviable and further isolate its future capital, East Jerusalem’.

8. Israel’s imprisons more Palestinian children The Global Movement for the Defence of Children’s Palestine Branch reports that Israeli imprisonment of Palestinian children is up.

Over the past two months Israeli forces have increased campaigns against children. At the end of February 2009 the number of Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons was up to 423.

This is the highest number since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in 2000.

9. Visiting Daddy in Prison: A Palestinian Ordeal Spending time with her dad requires that six-year-old Jinan undertake a bizarre and arduous odyssey.

Usually, she travels alone, but last Monday, the Palestinian girl with the rosebud smile and bouncing energy was accompanied by her younger sisters, Dania, 4, and Noor, 2, on the journey to the Israeli prison that holds her father.,8599,1893620,00.html

10. Israel harasses peace activists On April 26, 2009, a number of Israeli peace activists had their computers confiscated, were called for interrogations, and were only released upon signing agreements not to contact their political friends for 30 days. We are asking you to contact the Israeli Attorney General to demand an immediate stop to this harassment.


The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) aims to raise public awareness about the occupation of Palestine and the struggle of the Palestinian people.

PSC seek to bring pressure on both the British and Israeli government to bring their policies in line with international law. PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from communities across the UK.

Join PSC today!

Palestine Solidarity Campaign


London WC1N 3XX

Tel: 020 7700 6192

Fax: 020 7609 7779



April 29, 2009

Remember Gaza… End the Siege now! – Free Palestine! National Demo May 16 2009

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Remember Gaza… End the Siege now! – Free Palestine! National Demonstration 16 May London

With a growing number of supporting organisations, listed in the e-flyer below, we want to ask all members and supporters to help mobilise for the national demonstration on May 16.

Please make sure to circulate the e-flyer below to all you friends, colleagues and other contacts asking them to circulate it…

We have plenty more material available in the PSC office: stickers, leaflets and posters.. contact us to receive some more..

Volunteers needed We are looking for volunteers on the day, to make sure the demonstration will be safe and successful. Please contact us if you are able to help stewarding the demonstration: email or call 02077006192.

Thank you for helping us making this demonstration a massive show of support for the Palestinian people.

Free Palestine! National Demonstration Saturday 16 May 2009

Assembling 12 noon in Malet Street, London WC1

Rally in Trafalgar Square

Free Palestine — End Israeli Occupation — End the Arms trade


Called by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Palestinian Forum in Britain

Supported by: Action Palestine, Amos Trust, Arab Media Watch, Association of Palestinian Communities UK, Britain-Palestine Twinning Network, The Council for Arab-British Understanding, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Christian Peacemaker Teams UK, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Friends of Lebanon, Friends of Birzeit University, Friends of Sabeel UK, The Green Party, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions UK, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Labour Friends of Palestine, Liberation, Midlands Palestinian Community Association, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Council for Britain, NUS Black Students Campaign, Palestinian Forum in Britain, UNISON, UNITE, Pax Christi, Public and Commercial Services Union, Rail Maritime and Transport Union, Viva Palestina, War on Want, Zaytoun Ltd

Leaflets are available from the PSC office

Please save the date and start organising transport now!

Please contact the PSC office for more information:

Tel: 020 7700 6192



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April 7, 2009

Palestine Solidarity Campaign – Events Update: 7 April 09

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PSC Events Update


          Trade Union Conference in Liverpool 18 April

          Remember Gaza – Free Palestine! National Demonstration 16 May

          Sponsored Walk in Dartmoor 4 & 5 July

          PSC Day Conference in Birmingham 11 July

          Other upcoming events




Palestine Solidarity Trade Union Conference

Saturday 18 April


Quaker Meeting House,

School Lane, Liverpool  L1 3BT


Registration, stalls, photos 10.00

Conference    11.00 – 4.00


A crèche will be available.

 Speakers include: Sameh Habeeb, photojournalist: Gaza eyewitness report, Manawel Abdel-Al, Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), Eamon McMahon (Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign), Greg Dropkin (Liverpool Friends of Palestine)


Organised by: Liverpool Friends of Palestine and Merseyside Association of Trades Union Councils

 Fees: Branch delegates £10; individuals £5/3 (concession low-waged/unemployed) Lunch: Middle eastern (mainly) food available at a small cost


Contact for more info/ email:


Remember Gaza – Free Palestine!

National Demonstration 16 May 2009

National demonstration – Saturday 16 May, assembling 12noon in Central London

Free Palestine

End Israeli Occupation

End the Arms trade

Called by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Leaflets are available from the office – please save the date and start organising transport now!

Please contact the PSC office for more information:

 Tel:   020 7700 6192





PSC Sponsored Walk 2009


In Postbridge, Dartmoor in Devon


Friday 3rd July to Sunday 5th July 2009


Join us for the annual PSC sponsored walk, this year again in a wonderful location: Dartmoor in Devon.

 Please register with the PSC office now and start raising the funds for this years campaign for Palestinian rights.

 We have booked a youth Hostel exclusively for our group. A basic joining fee will cover accommodation, meals and other costs.

 There will be a range of walks available for various abilities, and there will be a social event with music and BBQ on the Saturday night.

 As well as raising much needed funds, this is a chance to meet other PSC supporters over a fun weekend. Sign up now!

 Email: Tel: 02077006192




Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Day Conference in Birmingham


Saturday 11 July 2009


Keep this date free for a wonderful opportunity to hear speakers on the

key issues for supporters of Palestine including:


• 1948 and after — ethnic cleansing and the refugees

 • The Reality of Occupation: Politics, Economy, Health, Education, Land

 • Lessons from the Anti Apartheid Movement

 Confirmed speakers: Karma Nabulsi, Rita Giacaman, Samia Botmeh, Daniel Machover, Victoria Brittain..

 More details to be announced very soon.




Other upcoming events:


Please check the PSC website for more events and actions around the UK.



          Charity Crafty fair for Gaza 19 April London

         Screening of Route 181, Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel, 21 April, Hackney/London

         The 10th London Palestine Film Festival 24 April to 8 may at Barbican and SOAS

         Le Trio Joubran – Wales Tour 2 to 10th May

         Camden War Crimes Tribunal on Israel’s attack on Gaza 9 may

 And many more..




The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) aims to raise public awareness about the occupation of Palestine and the struggle of the Palestinian people. PSC seek to bring pressure on both the British and Israeli government to bring their policies in line with international law. PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from communities across the UK. Join PSC today!


Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Tel:   020 7700 6192
Fax:  020 7609 7779






January 24, 2009

24 January 2009 – BBC/Gaza Rally. Tony Benn’s Speech outside the BBC

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Embargo: 1.30 pm, Saturday 24 January 2009

Press Release


“The decision of the BBC to refuse to broadcast a national humanitarian appeal for Gaza, which has left aid agencies with a potential shortfall of millions of pounds in donations, is a betrayal of the obligation which it owes as a public service.

“The destruction in Gaza and the loss of the lives of over a thousand civilians and children, has shocked the world as Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon, made clear, when he saw the devastation for himself.

“The human suffering that the people of Gaza has experienced over the last few weeks has appalled people who have seen it for themselves on their television screens.

“To deny the help that the aid agencies and the UN need at this moment in time is incomprehensible and it follows the bias in BBC reporting of this crisis, which has been widely criticised.

“I appeal to the Chairman of the BBC Trust to intervene to reverse this decision to save the lives of those who are now in acute danger of dying through a lack of food, fuel, water and medical supplies.

” *********

Stop the War Coalition on behalf of the Coalition’s President, Tony Benn

0207 229 0779

0794 110 2163

2 February 09 Media Workers Against the War Rally. “Gaza – Failed by the Media”

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With speakers:

Seumas Milne, The Guardian

Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

A Palestinian journalist (tbc)

Jane Shallice, Stop the War Coalition

Richard Horton, The Lancet

Lauren Booth, Press TV

Jeremy Dear, general secretary, NUJ

Monday February 2 7pm

Old Cinema lecture theatre Westminster University

309 Regent Street London W1B 2UW

Nearest tube: Oxford Circus More info: Hosted by Media Workers Against the War

Subscribe to Media Workers Against The War Newsletter: <>

23 January 2009 Fredi Kanoute and a goal for Gaza

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Star footballer Fredi Kanoute, now playing in Spain but formerly of Tottenham Hotspur, celebrated scoring a goal last Saturday by lifting his shirt to reveal a T-shirt with the word Palestine blazoned across it.

He was booked by the referee and fined 3000 Euros. Spain prohibits players from displaying religious or political messages on the pitch.

See video of Kanoute’s goal for Gaza here:

23 January 2009 – Student Occupations for gaza

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There has been an extraordinary wave of student occupations in solidarity with Gaza in universities and colleges across Britain — in London, Oxford, Sussex, Warwick, Kingston and elsewhere. (See Guardian report here:

Among the students’ demands are a call for aid to be organised for Gaza and for colleges to disinvest in arm companies which supply Israel.

The occupations in SOAS, the London School of Economics and Essex have all been victorious in winning these demands.

Other occupations are demanding that old computers and text books are sent to Gaza to replace those that have been destroyed. At Kings College, the students are occupying to demand the rescinding of the honorary doctorate awarded to Shimon Peres, the president of Israel. At Oxford, the students want a series of lectures by Peres cancelled.

SEND MESSAGES OF SUPPORT Five website have been set up by students involved in the occupations for Gaza, through which you can send messages of support.






JOIN THE OCCUPATIONS FOR GAZA CAMPAIGN If you are a student in a college or school and want advice on how you can join the occupation campaign in solidarity with Gaza, call 020 7278 6694.

We will then put you in touch with students already organising occupations. There will be a discussion of the student occupation campaign at the national activists meeting in London this Saturday (see below for details). Representatives from the university and college occupations have been invited to attend.

January 17, 2009

17 January 2009 – UK Rallies this weekend

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Saturday 17th January


2pm Rally in Trafalgar Square

There will be a large rally in Trafalgar Square from 2.00pm followed by a dignified march to Downing Street by women and children.



1pm Demonstration in Castle Square, Swansea City Centre meet at the end of the pedestrianised zone of oxford street and the top of wind street.


March and rally Saturday 17th January.   Assembles 12 noon in Victoria Square, Birmingham (outside the Council House at top of New Street near the fountain).  Called by PSC, Stop the War and the Muslim Association of Britain. Supported by Birmingham’s Gaza Campaign Coordinating Committee.


Friday 16th January 8.00pm
Public Meeting on Palestine
Brian Iddon MP and Secretary of the All Parliamentary Committee on Palestine
Dr. Asad Khan, campaigner for Palestinian rights, freedom and health
The Socialist Club 16 Wood Street BL1 1DY
for moe info –


Demo Saturday 17th: Starbucks Centenary Square, 11am & McDonalds Forster Square retail park 1pm.



Regular Vigils in Town Centre, opposite Hippodrome. Monday – Friday 5pm – 6, and Saturdays 3pm – 4.

Bristol  – Wednesday 28th January, 7pm Broadmead Baptist Church, Union Street

Public Meeting: ‘Palestine / Israel – What’s going on?’


Saturday 17 January

Bury Demo for Gaza  Assemble, 11.00 am  Kay Gardens, Bury


CAMBRIDGE  VIGIL 17th Feb and every Saturday at 12 noon outside the Guildhall while bombardment continues.

DEBATE  Monday Feb 2nd 17:00 – 18:30:  Israel & Palestine One-State vs Two-State Solution.  Speakers: Prof. Ilan Pappe and Prof. Yezid Sayigh.  Moderator Prof. Yasir Suleiman.  Venue:  Law Faculty, Lecture Theatre LG18, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge University.


Saturday, 17th January:
11 a.m. Rallly at Mansion House, Doncaster town centre.

Vigil every weekday 1-2pm in Durham City Market Place with placards and petition-signing. Come and join us. See Durham PSC website for more details and events


12.30 Sat 17th January
Join the march – assemble  Odeon Cinema, Sidwell Street, Exeter


Sat. 17th Jan.
Vigil for the people of Gaza  10am-12noon.Falmouth Moor
Bring old shoes


Benefit concert for Gaza featuring Jazz Legend Pee Wee Ellis and others
Thursday January 22nd
For Medical Aid for Palestinians
Christ Church, Christchurch Street West, Frome. Starts 7.30.  £6 on the door



Weekly Vigils for Gaza – Every Friday  5.30 – 6.30, Norfolk Square, Glossop


March for Gaza – Friday 16th January Assemble at Madni Mosque,

Gibbet Street at 1.30pm. March to start at 2.00pm, ending with a rally at Northgate House


Saturday 17th January 2009
meet at 12.20 at Greyfriars Bridge car park (that’s the small car park below the new bridge.  you can park there, or at Sainsburies and walk over)   12.30 p.m. walk to town via Cathedral grounds & on to High Town bring relevant placards etc. 


11.30am Market Sq, Bring banners, candles, photos, “blood splattered” clothes to join die-in

2.30 public meeting
“Gaza in Context”
Boley Park Community Centre Lichfield (next to the Co-op) 
features Rev.Warren Bardsley a human rights observer reports back from Jerusalem


4.30 – 6pm Vigil every Wednesday,Church St. Liverpool 2mins from Central Station  Please bring placards, banners, candles, etc.

Saturday 17th January 12 noon
Demonstration St Lukes Church (facing Bold St) Walk along Renshaw St to St Georges Hal

10am- 12noon Stop the Slaughter in Gaza Protest, War Memorial on Lincoln High Street. For more information 07793682201

Vigil every day 5.30-6.30pm outside BBC Oxford road, Manchester.
5-6pm Candlelit protest outside the BBC, Oxford Road

Fri 16th Jan 5.30-7pm Fallowfield Sainsburys Wilmslow Road Boycott of Israeli Goods leafletting

Sat 17th Jan Tesco Market St. Boycott Israeli Goods leafletting

Sun 18th Jan

12 Noon Vigil in Piccadilly Gds

2pm Rally For Gaza – With Shoes – In front of Town Hall, Albert Square, central Manchester

Tuesday 20th January

7pm Manchester University – open organising meeting for all showing solidarity with Gaza

 Thurs Jan 22nd – Milliband at Manchester University  -protest details to follow

Friday 23 January 2009 – 7.00-9.00pm
Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester

Public Meeting  – Invited Speakers: Dr Mona El-Farrah Medical doctor working for the Palestinian Red Gaza and human rights activist,  Dr Tareq Tahboub
Dr Mushier El-Farrah Palestian human rights activist from Khan Younis in Gaza and others to be confirmed


Sunday Jan 25th

Two Manchester Demonstrations – From Cheetham Hill in the North, and from Platt Fields in the South marching to meet in central Manchester for a rally.

For more information visit

 Boycott Israeli Goods ACTIVITIES

 17:30-19:00 Friday 16th Jan: Outside Sainbury’s Supermarket, Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield.

11:00-13:00 Saturday 17th Jan: Outside Tesco’s Supermarket,  Market Street, Central. Manchester  –  Leafleting – Letters – Stickers



Saturday 17th January – Demonstration  followed by Rally 11am Assemble at Albert Park gates, Linthorpe Rd

Saturday 17 January
Rally for Gaza, 12noon Grey’s Monument



Vigil this Friday evening starting at 5.30 p.m. in the Market Square. 

Saturday 17 Jan – march from the forest recreation ground starting at 10:30 which will be led by a funeral cortege with hearse and children sized coffins being carried at the front.  This will proceed to the market square culminating in a rally with speakers.


Saturday street stall:
Volunteers needed 11.30 – 1.30,

Call Jenny on 01865 247730 or email:

Satuday 17th January

March and rally on Gaza: assemble 1pm Broad Street, rally in Bonn Square about 2pm.
Karma Nabulsi and Avi Shlaim speaking, plus local faith, political, Trade union and student reps.

7.30pm, Oxford Town Hall IMPLICATIONS OF THE ISRAELI ELECTIONS Leader of Israel’s Kadima Party, Tzipi Livni, has found herself unable to form a government. As a result an early General Election has been called for 10 February. On the same day we will have a speaker and discussion on the likely implications.

SUNDAY 8 MARCH, 2.30 – 4.00pm, Oxford Town Hall. WOMEN WORKERS IN PALESTINE.

Featuring newly elected President of Palestinian health workers union, Hanan Bannourah


Sunday protest 1.30-2.30 Preston Flag Market (Preston City Centre) Hundreds of children from across Preston are expected to lie down as a show of solidarity with the children of Gaza.


Friday 16th January

Palestinian monologues: Voices from Palestine

7.30 p.m. Library theatre, Sheffield city centre.
An emergency fund raiser, with all proceeds going towards the wheelchair appeal.

Saturday 17th January,
12 – 2 p.m. Rally outside Sheffield Town Hall.

Saturday 31st January 12.30pm
PSC Day School
Quaker Meeting House, 10 St. James St, Sheffield,
Sheffield PSC has called a day school to discuss strategy and tactics of how to help the Palestinians. It will include workshops on such items as the academic boycott, the boycott of Israeli goods and others. Please come and invite anyone who supports the Palestinians. for details of all events.



Saturday 17 Jan – 11.00am in the Above Bar Precinct, then move at 11.45 to the Peace Fountain for candles/release of 1000 balloons representing the at least 1000 dead – And Every Saturday in the Above Bar Precinct for petitioning at 11.00am

Weekday, vigil outside the Civic Centre, (South Side) 5.00pm -6.00pm

Southampton PSC


Thursday 15th January  5-7pm Vigil for Gaza hosted by Amnesty Group  Bring Candles.

MONDAY 19 JANUARY 12 NOON –  DEMONSTRATION AT UAV ENGINES, Lynn Lane, Shenstone, Litchfield, WS140DT (the demo will be outside the industrial unit)
11.15 a.m. meet at Shenstone Railway station  The factory is approximately 11 minutes walk from the station along Lynn Lane, heading out of town (take the first left after Birch Brook lane).

It has been reported that the company is building engines that are used in Israel’s military drones which aid the attacks on Gaza. The demonstration will be calling for an end to arms sales to Israel and an end to Israeli violent repression of the Palestinian people. Transport will be leaving from the Sumac Centre in Nottingham (245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields,NG7 6HX) at 9.30 a.m. for info or to offer to help with transport etc, Tel: 0798 374 3894. Bring banners,things to make noise,etc


Saturday 17th January in solidarity with the people of Gaza  

12:30pm – 2:00pm, Lemon Quay

with leafleting, petitioning and more


Saturday 17th January
Assemble at 12 noon at the Millenium clock (opposite precinct) – march at 12.30 through Tunbridge Town Centre- rally afterwards


Vigil 1pm-5.p.m. The Guildhall, High St Worc Stalls, music, food petitions Bring family, friends & a candle

Bring candles, wear black clothing, bring placards


Sat 17th Jan  – Rally and march, 1-3pm St Sampsons Square York